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What To Expect On Your First Visit

First you will be welcomed to our office by our friendly front desk staff and instructed to fill out your new patient paperwork if you have not already done so. (You can save time by printing and filling it out ahead of time, Adult or Child)

Your exam will focus on your spine and nervous system health and the detection and correction of vertebral subluxations. Our examination consists of many components in order for our team to cater our care for your specific needs. Your examination may also include some specialized equipment designed to better access your spine and nervous system.

Your exam will involve spinal palpation, where we will check your spine by hand assessing motion, muscle tone and spinal position. We will also utilize the Insight Millennium. This specialized equipment is used to read spinal heat difference and electrical impulses along your spine. This technology helps us see how subluxations are affecting your autonomic and motor systems in your body. These scans have zero radiation and are safe for people of all ages.  We may also utilize computerized posture analysis if our doctors decide it’s necessary for your care.

Using these examination procedures is much more accurate than just depending on “how you feel” on any given day. Following your exam our doctors will take the necessary time to analyze all the information from your history and exam in order to determine your custom treatment.

We believe that subluxations are a serious threat to the quality of your health and the health of your family. It is important to us that we utilize the most modern, researched procedures and equipment to help you.

During this time you will be scheduled for your Report of Findings where all the information we collected will be explained to you.

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Reporting Your Findings

Following your exam you will be scheduled for you Report of Findings. Our Chiropractors take the necessary time to explain your exam findings, go over your treatment plan and answer any questions you many have to help you get the fastest results. This visit may take up to 1 hour as our Chiropractors to their best to make sure you understand all the information we give you. It is following the report that you may receive your first Chiropractic Adjustment.

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